About Us

Our brand ZipSmile® is a Registered Trademark of Cobra Sales Corporation. ZipSmile.com is owned and operated by Cobra Sales Corporation. Our headquarters is located in New Hyde Park, New York with various warehouse facilities throughout the tri state area.

Our Mission

We want to make it easy and affordable for our customers to maintain good oral and personal hygiene no matter if it’s on the go or at home so you can live a healthier lifestyle. All products that bear our ZipSmile® Brand Name will be bringing you the highest quality and most innovative oral and personal hygiene products available or it will not have our ZipSmile Logo on it. We are constantly doing research to develop new products, and reimagine existing products, that will benefit the end user for convenience, functionality and price. Our goal is to make the ZipSmile® Brand a household name that our customers rave about.

Product Quality and Safety

We understand that the quality and safety of any oral care or personal hygiene product that you use is very important to you, so we have set very strict guidelines for all our branded products.

Every product we carry is carefully evaluated to insure we only carry products that are of the highest quality and have the most effective design.

Our products use premium materials such as genuine DuPont Tynex® nylon toothbrush bristles, German stainless steel, and only food grade and non-toxic components are used in the manufacturing process. Our oral care products are thoroughly sterilized during the manufacturing process and individually hygienically sealed in most applications where applicable.

Our manufacturing facilities in the USA and abroad are all Cleared with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and Cobra Sales Corporation and its Trademark ZipSmile® is also a registered establishment with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). This is to insure our customers that we are in full compliance with the guidelines set by the FDA and all our products meet these standards. All our FDA regulated products have complied with all applicable FDA regulations prior to being offered for sale.