Disposable Prepasted Travel Toothbrush - 24 Pack

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  • Disposable Prepasted Travel Toothbrush - 24 Pack
  • Disposable Prepasted Travel Toothbrush - 24 Pack
  • Disposable Prepasted Travel Toothbrush - 24 Pack
  • Disposable Prepasted Travel Toothbrush - 24 Pack
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Zipsmile® disposable prepasted toothbrush – 24 Brush Box.

It's the perfect travel toothbrush. The brush bristles are pre-pasted, so there is no need to pack any toothpaste, just slightly wet the bristles and start brushing. The compact folding design takes up less space - always a plus when traveling.

This toothbrush is an easy and practical solution to oral hygiene while on the go. Perfect anytime you need to clean and freshen your teeth and mouth.

ZipSmile® disposable compact folding prepasted toothbrush is a FDA registered product so you can be sure of the quality. Every toothbrush is made with top quality Dupont™ Tynex® nylon bristles.

This toothbrush features an innovative and beautiful design. It is small and discreet to carry, but opens to a full size quality toothbrush for anytime and anywhere you need to freshen your teeth and mouth.


  • Compact folding full size brush
  • Non-fluoride mint pre-pasted nylon bristles
  • Paste activated by teeth brushing
  • Individually hygienically sealed packaging
  • FDA registered product
  • Single use disposable, or store in same package for one additional use.
  • Recyclable
  • Dimensions: 3 inches x 5/8 inch x 1/2 inch closed and 5 1/2 inches long when open.

Use it Anywhere

  • Traveling
  • At Work
  • Camping
  • After Flights
  • At the Beach
  • After Lunch
  • After Dinner
  • After Cocktails
  • Before Meetings
  • Out Boating
  • While Hiking and Outdoors
  • Perfect for Weekend and Overnight Trips
  • Freshen Up After Work

Convenient and Portable

  • Fits in Pocket
  • Keep in Purse or Briefcase
  • Give to Overnight Guests
  • Great for Invisalign and Braces Users
  • Easy for Kids to Use
  • Keep a Few in Your Desk or Locker
  • For Frequent Fliers
  • Great In Childs Backpacks or Lunch Box

Share Good Oral Health with Friends and Customers

Having a box of Zipsmile® prepasted compact folding mint flavored disposable toothbrushes on hand is always appreciated:

  • Hosts –  for your overnight guests
  • Dentists and Orthodontists – for your patients
  • Hotels – for your guests
  • Corporate functions and Special Events – give these out to attendees
  • Golf Clubhouse

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