Wholesale Buying

Are you a store or other retail outlet that would like to sell ZipSmile® products?

We offer quantity discounts and bulk ordering for all our products to any established business or reseller who would like to sell ZipSmile® brand products. In addition, NY businesses who are reselling our products can buy our products without paying NY Sales Tax.

To Get Started

You just need to create a Wholesale Customer Account which only takes a few minutes.

Please visit our Create an Account page to register and create your account.

When You Register Be Sure To:

Approval Process

Please note that wholesale customer accounts require confirmation and approval before you can login to our website with your new customer account.

After you register we will send you two emails: the first will confirm your registration, and then after we approve your account we will send you a second email that will confirm that your account has been approved. Then you can login to our website using your customer account.


If you have any questions about our Wholesale customer accounts please call our customer service line at 516-456-0154 or use our website's contact form to send us a message.